ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Both praise and criticism following the President’s new executive order that could allow religious groups to become more politically active.

President Trump announced the executive order that would make it easier for religious groups to participate in politics without risking their tax exempt status and to make it easier for employers with religious objections to get around ObamaCare requirements that contraceptives be covered.

“We need to protect the religious liberty affirmed in the first amendment. We’re not looking to go out there and take away other people’s rights. We’d certainly like to keep the rights that we presently have, or at least the rights that we did have up until recently when we were challenged,” says The Catholic League’s Bill Donahue.

Annie Laurie Gaylor with the Freedom From Religion Foundation opposes the move.

“If Trump singles out just churches from this prohibition, he’s showing favoritism,” she says.

Public Citizen’s Robert Weisman says that worries him.

“We believe what the President has ordered is for the IRS not to enforce long-standing prohibition against churches being involved in electoral activities,” he says.

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