ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – We’re not flying the Space Shuttle any more, but there’s still a lot happening behind the scenes when it comes to the exploration of space.

No one will be living on the red planet like Matt Damon in the blockbuster film “The Martian” any time soon. Marketing specialist and Space Travel Hobbyist, Mack Bradley, is attending this week’s “Humans to Mars Summit” in Washington D.C.

The St. Louis native says NASA is working to solve many of the problems preventing a Mars mission.

“What kind of architecture are you actually going to build in order to do this?” Bradley says. “How do you do life support? Some of the really big questions. A lot of progress has been made on this.”

A viable launch window only happens every 15 years – so that means no Mars landing before 2033.

St. Louis will host an International Space Development Conference at Union Station next week – where new breakthroughs in space exploration will be discussed.

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Comments (2)
  1. A viable launch window to Mar’s opens up every 18-22 months… not 15 years.

  2. Another St. Louis native is NASA’s Human Space Flight Director in Russia, Sean Fuller.

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