ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A member of the St. Louis County Council is facing pressure from many of his constituents to allow a construction company’s planned move to go forward.

6th District representative Ernie Trakas has listed several reasons why he doesn’t want to see McManus Construction move onto the old Tee Time Center property in the 4600 block of Lemay Ferry Road.

Among those reasons, he says McManus has a history of code violations in the county, and because large trucks will be moving through what is primarily a residential area. But during several meetings, residents of Trakas’ district like Roger McRoy have urged him to okay the move.

“We’re guaranteed, not only that it’s going to put something back into community, but everything I hear about the fella is just fantastic, and I’d like to have a good neighbor there,” McRoy says.

Nearby residents like Mike Aulik say the opposition contradicts Trakas’ own campaign promise to stabilize his district.

“One definition for stabilize is ‘to make unlikely to fail or decline’. McManus buying and cleaning up a neglected property is stabilizing. Councilman Trakas is blocking that,” Aulik says.

A few residents say they share Trakas’ concerns.

“Why does McManus need general executive commercial district zoning if he just is going to use the property for the headquarters of McManus Construction?” one resident says.

McManus has said he might have to lay off some employees soon if Trakas doesn’t drop his opposition and sign off on the project.

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