CBS St. Louis – In a development that sounds more like an SNL skit, workers in St. Louis paved an entire street — except for a small slice of road that a single parked car occupied.

There’s no real way to fully depict the aesthetically funny situation without the picture. See, and enjoy, for yourself below.

The Kingshighway Bridge had been closed for the better part of the last two years, and reopened Saturday morning once construction was finished — or at least mostly finished. Construction went through Saturday morning to ensure the bridge would be ready by the opening ceremony.

This meant there was no time to wait for the owner of this blue Kia to move their car.

Across the street, there’s a hybrid bar/recording studio owned by JB Anderson, who just so happened to witness the owner of that blue Kia returning the next morning to pick up her car, via Riverfront Times.

“My guess is that it was a patron of our bar who couldn’t drive, didn’t want to drive, whatever it might have been,” Anderson says. “A guy dropped her off, pulled up in front of the car, and she kind of got out and stared at it. Then she drove away in what appeared to be mild embarrassment.”

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