ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Is St. Louis hiking property taxes to fill a budget hole?

Some taxpayers are wondering if that’s the case, as they plan to scrounge up an extra $400, $500, even $1,000 for their tax bills this year.

Chris Reimer’s bill for his two-bedroom ranch is up 27 percent. He thinks it’s because the bigger homes around him have had work done.

“We’re picking up the slack for rich people,” he says.

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Chris Naffziger has a different theory.

“Aldermen have given pacts, abatements, to their friends and family, and meanwhile if you aren’t wealthy, if you do not have political connections, your taxes went up this year,” he says.

Naffziger says he can come up with the money. He’s concerned about longtime, elderly residents of the city who’ve owned their homes for years and are also getting jacked-up bills.

“The common man and woman of St. Louis should not suffer for the incompetence of their leaders,” he says.

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