ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Following the postgame show of Saturday’s St. Louis Cardinals game, KMOX will air an extended interview with former Cardinals centerfielder Willie McGee. Just in case you forgot about parts of his memorable 13 seasons in St. Louis, here’s a refresher:

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1. He is on the Cardinals top-10 lists for games played, at bats, triples, strikeouts, stolen bases, singles and stolen-base percentage.

2. He was the 1985 NL MVP, four other Cardinals were in the top-20 for the award that year (Tom Herr, 5th; John Tudor, 8th; Jack Clark, 9th; Ozzie Smith, 18th).

3. Seven seasons he finished inside the top-10 in the major in singles (1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991)*

4. His total career salary was $23,440,000.

5. He was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals from the Yankees in 1981 for Bob Sykes. Sykes never played a major league game for New York.

6. McGee wore the No. 51 for every game of his 18-year MLB career.

7. He won the NL batting twice in his career (1985, 1990)

8. He was traded to the Oakland Athletics in the middle of the 1990 season for Daryl Green, Felix Jose and Stan Royer. McGee played in 1,037 MLB games after that. The three players the Cardinals received, played in a combined 682 MLB games.

9. He played in a 54 career postseason games, with a personal record of 29-25.

10. Remember his performance in Game 3 of the 1982 World Series? Two home runs, four RBI and this catch:

11. He finished third in the Rookie of the Year voting in 1982.

12. He is currently a roving instructor for the Cardinals.

13. In his 1985 MVP season, he lead the league in hits, triples and batting average.

14. He was drafted 15th overall by the New York Yankees in the 1977 MLB draft.

15. He signed one-year deals to stay in St. Louis before each of his final four seasons in the majors.

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