MADISON COUNTY, ILL. (KMOX) – Troy Illinois police chief Bradley Parsons says a decision by the state of Illinois forcing counties to reduce their number of 911 call centers is a head-scratcher.

“We have a system in Madison County that was operating and functioning at a high level, and I think that this is gonna make us take a step backwards,” he says.

Parsons and Troy mayor Allen Adomite are fearful that in the coming weeks they’ll be told they are losing the 911 call center in Troy, as the county’s reduction from 16 to 8 centers is enforced.

“The goal is to save money. We’re not really saving money for the tax payers of Madison County, and obviously, and we got the chairman of ETSB board to admit it the other day, for half of the communities in Madison County, the level of service is going down,” he says.

Adomite says he’d at least like the county’s ETSB to hold a public meeting in Troy to explain the reduction process.

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