ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A formal proposal calling for the removal of the Confederate monument in Forest Park has been introduced in the St. Louis Board of Aldermen.

Alderwoman Sharon Tyus says it’s time to take a new look at the monument with modern eyes.

“St. Louis was always a union town,” she says. “The Confederate tried to destroy the United States of America. They wanted to succeed from the United States. I do not honor that.”

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img 2723 e1493070026997 Alderwoman Introduces Plan to Remove Confederate Monument

(Photo by Kevin Killeen/KMOX)

The alderwoman says it’s not right to have a monument to people who fought a war against the United States.

“Where do we have German memorials?” she asks. “We don’t have German memorials. There’s no reason to have a Confederate memorial. And if you think that your Grandpa was a great person, I understand that.”

Tyus wants the city parks department to make a list of any other Confederate monuments or flagpoles that might be in city public parks, so they can all be dealt with at once.

Under her plan, the cost of removing the monuments would be borne by fundraising, not tax dollars.

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Comments (4)
  1. Jesse Watson says:

    Let me see if I can help you a bit ma’am…. You’re facts & context are a bit muddled.

    “Saint Louis was always a Union town” Not true…Missouri tried to remain “Neutral” during the civil war and shortly after that the UNION invaded Missouri and deposed the pro-confederate Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson who relocated and only then joined the confederacy…as a direct result of the Union aggression.
    During the war, Missouri was claimed by both the Union and the Confederacy, had two competing state governments, and sent representatives to both the United States Congress and the Confederate Congress.
    You also stated ““The Confederate tried to destroy the United States of America. They wanted to succeed from the United States. I do not honor that.”

    The CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA also known as the “confederacy” never wanted to “destroy” the Union but sought to “secede” from the United States of America and establish it’s own independence.

    At the end of the day every soldier that died during the American civil war was an AMERICAN and deserves to be honored and respected equally.

    What you are doing is reminiscent of the way that ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are destroying religious and historical sites in their own countries

  2. Jesse Watson says:

    Confederate soldiers, sailors and marines were made US VETERANS by an act of congress in 1957

    US PUBLIC LAW 85-425, section 410, approved 23 May 1958

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