ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Saint Louis Zoo has a new adorable baby on its hands — a black rhinoceros calf was born at the zoo Wednesday, May 17.

Moyo (pronounced MOY-oh), which means “heart” in Swahili, is the second for mother Kati Rain and father Ajabu.

black rhino kati rain and moyo photo by elizabeth irwin saint louis zoo 5 19 2017 web Its A Boy! St. Louis Zoo Welcomes Baby Rhino

(Photo by Elizabeth Irwin Saint Louis Zoo)

The baby boy is nursing well and being cared for by his mother, according to the zoo’s rhino care team. The pair is bonding behind the scenes in River’s Edge.

A date has not yet been set for a public debut.

This is the second black rhino to be born at the zoo in 26 years, and only the 10th in the zoo’s history.

A male calf named Ruka was born to the same parents in 2011. Luka later moved to the Oregon Zoo in 2015 to pair with a compatible female.

Kati Rain and Ajabu arrived at the Zoo’s River’s Edge in 2007. Both are 13 years old.

black rhino moyo photo by kathryn pilgram kloppe saint louis zoo 5 19 2017 web Its A Boy! St. Louis Zoo Welcomes Baby Rhino

(Photo by Kathryn Pilgrim Kloppe Saint Louis Zoo)

The critically endangered black rhino has experienced the most drastic decline of any of the five surviving rhino species. Between 1970 and 1992, the black rhino population in Africa dropped by 96 percent. By 1993, only 2,300 individuals survived in the wild.

Black rhinos are being pushed to the brink of extinction by illegal poaching for their horns, and to a lesser extent by loss of habitat.

A resurgence of poaching is again posing a significant threat to wild rhino populations. Current estimates show 5,055 individual black rhinos are alive in the wild.

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