ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Robots aren’t just for the assembly line anymore.

“Where a human might do something and take 17 minutes, using RPA it will take about 17 seconds. Not only that, the robotic process automation doesn’t need to eat, it doesn’t need to sleep, it doesn’t go to the bathroom, it never takes a vacation, ” says Accenture St. Louis general manager Michael Gallagher.

Robotic Process Automation means artificial intelligence does something you used to do yourself on the computer. Never touch a purchase order again.

If you’re wondering what it means for your job, Gallagher says you’re not alone.

“If we can return back time that finance people can spend actually analyzing trends and queuing up questions about what’s actually happening with the data and get rid of the ‘carry the water’ type work, the matching and data and all that commodity work. That’s where we get value,” he says.

If you’d like to learn more about machine learning about robot process automation, check out the Nothing Impossible podcast or Accenture is holding an event Thursday during venture cafe in the Cortex Innovation District.

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