ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Congressman Lacy Clay is pitching his own unique plan for dealing with the controversial statue in Forest Park that depicts a Confederate soldier going off to the Civil War.

The Missouri Democrat appears to be serious when asked how the monument should be dealt with.

Hesays that the late Missouri Senator John Russell of Lebanon oversaw a district that contains a Confederate cemetery.

“One of the solutions to the monument would be to ask the confederate cemetery to take the monument and display it here,” he says.

He goes on to say that the money being raised by city treasurer Tishaura Jones to remove the statue from Forest Park could go toward transporting it to southwest Missouri.

That Go-Fund-Me account just surpassed 40 percent of its $25 thousand goal.

In national news, Clay expects the former FBI director to speak out shortly after Memorial Day.

“Hopefully he will come over to the House side and testify before the Oversight in Government Reform committee, which is a committee that I serve on,” he says.

Clay says he’s eager to put Comey on the hot seat to explain exactly what happened leading up to his termination by President Trump.

“That’s something that the American people should want to hear. I know want to hear it,” he says.

Clay also said it’s clear to him that the Russians did, indeed, tamper with the US election outcome, a situation he calls “unacceptable”.

“It’s pretty evident that there was collusion between the Russians and Trump’s campaign operatives, we’ll call it,” he says.

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