ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – US Senator Roy Blunt says he’s gearing up for what are sure to be some rough-and-tumble moments in Congress when former FBI Director James Comey shows up to testify next week.

During a telephone town hall meeting with more than 5000 participants, Blunt said he already knows the answer to one of the biggest questions before Comey even places his hand on a Bible and takes the oath.

“Did the Russian interfere in our election, of course they did. It was obvious at the time and more obvious, I suppose, later. They’ve been interfering in elections in our country for awhile,” he says.

Blunt said his biggest priority during the Comey hearings will be trying to figure out a way to protect the US from Russian meddling going forward.

Also during that meeting, Blunt was accused of being inaccessible. Blunt responded by claiming that he participated in more than 2000 events across Missouri during his last Senate term, far outpacing any other public servant.

“Right now we’ve got 5000 people on this call that I’m going to spend an hour listening to, talking to 5000 people. There’s no reasonable way I could do that in out state,” he says.

He also praised the staff of his satellite offices in Missouri for being “receptive and appreciative of constituents who come to visit”.


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