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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A statue that’s stood in the northern part of Forest Park for more than a century continues to stir up plenty of modern-day controversy.

After those for and against keeping the three-story-tall monument which depicts a Confederate soldier going off to war clashed last week, now comes word of plans to rally supporters on-site this coming weekend.

Organizer Peggy Hubbard says opponents of the monument are being short-sighted.

“If you are stuck on slavery and you want this statue to come down, your argument regarding slavery is no longer valid because your proof that it happened has been removed,” according to event organizer Peggy Hubbard. “It is a teaching tool.”

Hubbard, who calls herself “Black-American” as opposed to “African-American” (“I am so far removed from Africa it’s not even funny”), says recent calls to do away with the statue have more than a touch of Orwell to them.

“And it did actually happen in Communist Russia during the Lenin and Stalin era,” she says. “They removed key pieces of history and that is a slippery slope that we’re going down. We’re removing actual history from our society.”

statue22 Big Rally Planned For Supporters Of Confederate Momument At Forest Park

The statue was defaced by protestors on the evening of May 23rd. (Photo courtesy of Bill Hannegan)

Hubbard established a GoFundMe account with a goal of $5,000 to pay for a “unity rally” at the monument from 11 am-6 pm Saturday, June 3rd.

The effort easily surpassed that goal.

The theme will be “Stand Up For America”, she says.

Hubbard adds that if the decision is made to remove the statue from Forest Park, a great alternate site would be the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery — anything to keep it from being destroyed.

“Where’s it going to end? We’re going to be taking down buildings, we’re going to be taking down schools,” she worries. “Anything and everything that is related to our past that we feel is ugly, we’re going to remove it. And that is not right, that is not American.”

More information about Saturday’s rally can be found at


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