ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A local GoFundMe page set up in relation to the Confederate statue in Forest Park has met and exceeded its goal.

Peggy Hubbard set up the page to pay for a party she plans to host at the Memorial site next weekend. Hubbard, who calls herself Black-American as opposed to African-American, says recent calls to do away with the statue have more than a touch of Orwell to them.

“It did actually happen in communist Russia, during the Lenin and Stalin era, that they removed key pieces of history, and that is a slippery slope that we’re going down. We’re removing actual history from our society,” she says.

Hubbard says opponents of the 3 story tall memorial are being short-sighted.

“If you are stuck on slavery, and you have this statue to come down, your argument regarding slavery is no longer valid because your proof that it happened has been removed. It is a teaching tool,” she says.

She says if it must be removed, a great alternate site would be Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.

Hubbard’s GoFundMe page easily exceeded its $5 thousand goal to fund a pro-memorial rally on Saturday. Her conditions are no open-carry of weapons and no Confederate flags.

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