ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – As the city of St. Louis looks to get rid of the Confederate Monument in Forest Park, there is a willing taker – the Civil War Museum at Jefferson Barracks Park.

Founder Mark Trout says the Museum offered to take it off the city’s hands two years ago but never heard back. Even if they got it, the museum would not be able to put it on display.

“Because the museum sits on St. Louis County property, and their parks director and their government did not want the liability and the issues surrounding it right now to be shifted over here to a county park, and that’s understandable,” he says.

Trout says his plan would be to put the monument in storage until the museum is able to move into a privately owned facility.

He says the museum, which was the only entity to offer to take the monument, would view it as another civil war artifact.

“There’s proper ways to put this into an educational context, and teach future generations about this great struggle and this great dividing moment in American history,” Trout says.

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