Hear Debbie discussing her birthday challenge at the beginning of Aisha & Debbie Dish.

Dads make a difference.

And the Fathers’ Support Center of St. Louis has helped thousands of men learn to be better fathers which in turn has helped tens of thousands of children and ultimately, helps our community and our entire society.

Photo courtesy of Fathers’ Support Center

That’s why I’m partnering with the Fathers’ Support Center from now until Father’s Day to bring awareness to this organization and ask you to support FSC as well.


I know how blessed and privileged I am to have an amazing father who has always been in my life, supporting and loving me. I wish that for every child.

In honor of my dad, Rudy, I am shining a light on an organization that is helping other men become the fathers their children need them to be.

Fathers’ Support Center helps men who want to be part of their children’s lives, but for one reason or another, cannot or have not been. Sometimes it’s a bad relationship with the children’s mother. Sometimes there are drug problems. Maybe jail time. Often, it’s just not know how to be a father because they had no father to show them growing up.

FSC founder Halbert Sullivan says until the age of 40, he was a drug-addict and dead-beat dad. But he turned his life around, enrolled in college, got a Master’s degree from Washington University, and embarked on a journey to help more men find a path back to their children. Hear my in-depth interview from June 2016 here: KMOX Profile on Halbert Sullivan.

Make a donation today and make a lasting impact on children and families in our region.

The first 50 people who pledge $35 or more have the opportunity to attend the Rise Up For Fathers Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. at the St. Louis-Hilton Frontenac. 

$20 donation helps give a father employment and training services so he can get a job and support himself and his children
$35 donation goes toward transportation to and from FSC locations and job interviews because showing up (getting there) is half the battle.
 $50 donation goes toward providing clients with their High School Equivalency courses and testing
$100 donation goes toward FSC’s Family Bonding weekends, a six-week program where FSC facilitators take their clients to various STL attractions; the zoo, Art Museum, Science Center, etc., and observe and evaluate parenting skills learned from numerous classes.
 It would mean the world to me and make my birthday complete if you’d help me help this great organization that is truly changing lives and our community for the better.
Thank you!
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