ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – KMOX’s Charlie Brennan got the conversation started on Wednesday morning, when he brought his recently purchased Colgate toothpaste into the newsroom. He opened it up during his show, to display the misleading packaging that made him believe the tube inside the box was larger than it actually is.

So, that got us thinking, what are some of the biggest ripoffs caused by packing products into bigger boxes. Here’s our list:


The proof is in the packaging.

Medicine bottles

513084906 VIDEO: 7 Most Frustrating Packaging Ripoffs

(Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)

There is an explanation to why you open up a bottle of necessary pills, but it’s only a quarter of the way full. It’s a cost-saving strategy for drug makers to be able to produce the same size bottle for a majority of it’s pills.

Movie candy

It’s already more expensive than the Walgreen’s across the street, and they make you work harder for less sugar. You buy a box of Cookie Dough Bites, then go into a silent theatre and have to rip open the cardboard, then you also have to split the plastic bag that holds the child’s-size order of candy inside.

Potato chips

If only bags of chips were more see-through like most bags of pretzels, then maybe Lay’s would stop keeping its bags half-full of air.

Mail packages

2818585 VIDEO: 7 Most Frustrating Packaging Ripoffs

(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

If you’re an addicted Amazon shopper like most of us, you sometimes can’t remember what you ordered last week. So, that three-foot tall box sitting on your front porch feels like Christmas morning. But then you open it up and it’s just that cool St. Louis Cardinals beach towel.

NFL games

535792469 VIDEO: 7 Most Frustrating Packaging Ripoffs

(Photo By: Visions of America/UIG via Getty Images)

You may watch an entire NFL game from kickoff until the clock hit’s 0:00 in the fourth quarter, which probably took up about four hours of your Sunday. But you actually only watched about 11 minuets of football. Think about commercials, time outs, 30-seconds between every play, half time and replays. Sometimes the time between the snap of the ball and when the play is whistled dead is only 2 seconds long.

Girl Scout cookies

159126004 VIDEO: 7 Most Frustrating Packaging Ripoffs

(Photo by Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images)

Look at all the space those plastic partitions take up inside a box of Caramel deLites ( A.K.A Samoas) and Do-si-dos (A.K.A Peanut Butter Sandwich).

But whoever is packaging Thin Mints, keep up the good work.

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