ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson says it’s going to take a tax hike of some sort to come up with the $20 million needed to fix the city police budget crisis.

A guest on the Mark Reardon Show, Krewson was asked if she has a Plan B.

“Well, I mean, you’d like to have a back-up plan, but this is a big number here,” she says. “If this were easy, it would already be solved; the last administration would have solved it if this were easy. But, you know, I think that right now, this is where we are.”

Krewson says voters will be asked to raise either the sales tax or property tax.

“The timing stinks, just having gone for a half-cent sales tax in April, it’s tough to go back for another one, and it would likely be in November,” she says.

A separate plan being introduced by St. Louis Alderman Steve Conway would start taxing big not-for-profits in the city — places like Barnes-Jewish Hospital or Saint Louis University — to come up with $12 million a year for police.

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Comments (2)
  1. Jim Descher says:

    Is this for more police? Or is it just for raises for current police? I am sure the police of STL need a raise but that’s not really going to help with the crime problem is it…

  2. Our property taxes here in the city are making a big jump this year already. So raising those isn’t the best way to go IMO. You can’t continue to raise property taxes without the risk of taxing some fixed income citizens right out of their homes. Insurance and property tax are the bulk of my house payment already, which is up over $135/month this year due to the property valuation/tax increase.

    Policing and public safety affects everyone, renters and property owners, rich, poor, you name it. This has to be a sales tax increase so everyone living in and visiting the city pays their fair share to increase police officer pay and to add to the staff. A sales tax increase is the only equitable way of sharing the burden among all our citizens.

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