CBS Local– Feeling a bit of wanderlust, or just been looking to plan a getaway? Southwest Airlines may give the final nudge to those teetering the fence on taking a trip.

The airline Tuesday morning started a sale for flights between Aug. 22 through Dec. 13, and the flights are as low as $49 for their shortest routes.

Flights that are under 500 miles start at $49 and go up from there, generally related to the distance of the flights. International options are included as well, but those are more limited. For instance, the sale is valid for international flights on just Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

The sale excludes Fridays, Sundays, Labor Day and Thanksgiving. But you’ve got to move quick as these low rates end June 8.

This fire sale isn’t abnormal from Southwest. In prior years, they’ve had similar three-day sales in both June and October.

On the sale, one can fly from Los Angeles to Cancun for $124 each way. One could also fly from New York to Orlando for $72 each way or Dallas to Las Vegas for $99 each way.

Click here for full rates from local airports near you.

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