ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Without any announcement, St. Louis street department workers installed a perimeter fence around the Confederate monument in Forest Park, covering an area about as big as a football field.

The grass surrounding the monument is encircled with chest-high parade barricade fencing, strung together with padlocks.

Bill Hannegan lives across the street from the park, and says his great-grandfather was on the city council that helped put the monument up.

“I mean, Mayor Krewson seems to act on her own without, you know, letting everybody else know what’s going on, I mean where’s this thing going? What company’s been contracted? Nobody’s told us that,” Hannegan says. “I thought she didn’t have the money. Now, suddenly, she does.”

The area has recently seen clashes between those for and against keeping the monument in its place in Forest Park.

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s office tells KMOX the city is getting ready to remove the 32-foot tall monument, but not until engineers plan how to hoist out the separate sections with a construction crane.

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  1. Fred Ducque says:

    Can we burn some books too?????

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