CBS Local — For those dog lovers and work out enthusiasts, there’s a new trend that’s right up your alley.

As #SquatYourDog has begun populating social media, more and more people are getting in on the act.

But is the exercise as literal as that hashtag? Yes.

Many are posting videos to social media of themselves picking up their dogs, then squatting with them as if their pooch were a free weight at the gym.

Dogs seem to enjoy it, and almost definitely enjoy not having to be on their paws! For dog owners, it’s certainly more enjoyable than the typical inanimate weight.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes work for the new trend; it doesn’t matter how small or big, as long as their owners can pick them up.

All things considered, it’s the humans that get a more fun work out, and the dogs get a little lift. Seems like everyone wins!

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