ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – From jobless and homeless to Father of the Year. It’s been quite a journey for Gary Turner, who turned to the Fathers’ Support Center when things were looking bleak.

“They were wonderful, they were like a security blanket for me. I will never, never forget what they’ve done for me,” he says.

Turner’s twins had been taken away, their mother moved them to San Francisco. He spent seven years traveling yearly to see them. But then, the mother got sick and the kids went into foster care. Turner didn’t have the money or resources, but Fathers’ Support Center did.

“[Fathers’ Support Center] really got me to understand how I could go about getting these kids, and to make a long story short, it happened.”

It took eight months, but he got the twins back to St. Louis. Meanwhile, Turner was going through Fathers’ Support Center’s six week boot-camp.

“The Father’s Support Center showed us how to do interviews, we did interviews as if we were getting a job, and leadership responsibilities we’re supposed to have as far as raising a kid. Everything you need to know about being a father,” he says.

Gary Turner is a full-time father with a full-time job and was voted the Fathers’ Support Center’s 2017 Father of the Year. You can help more men and women like Gary by supporting KMOX’s Debbie Monterrey’s birthday challenge and donating to this organization.

The first 50 people who pledge $35 or more have the opportunity to attend the Rise Up For Fathers Breakfast at the St. Louis-Hilton Frontenac June 16th.

Go to or Father’s Support Center to donate.


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