ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The dismantling of the Confederate Monument in Forest Park is underway.

KMOX’s Michael Calhoun is on the scene and reports a crane is airborne, and the top of the monument has been removed.

One man stopped his car and got out to take a look.

“The Confederate stuff is a reminder, let’s never go there again,” he says.

Treasurer Tishaura Jones released a statement saying her GoFundMe campaign raising money for the monument’s removal is nearing its goal, saying, “I am pleased to report that after three weeks, we have raised over $16,000 of the $25,000 campaign goal.”

Jones also says she is pleased that city has started removing the monument, and will be speaking with officials about transferring her funds to cover the cost of removal.

Supporters of the monument believe St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson doesn’t have the sole authority to remove the statue. They point to a 1912 ordinance that says the location of the monument shall be mutually agreed upon between the parks commissioner and the Confederate Monument Association of St. Louis.

The mayor’s office sent KMOX a statement reading, “It is our position the city has the authority to take down the statue. It is in one of our parks and we have the authority to regulate what is in our parks.”

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Comments (60)
  1. Larry Cline says:

    Just like when the Taliban destroyed 1500 year old Buddhist statues at Bamiyan (a world heritage site) after they took control of Afghanistan. Totalitarians always seek to destroy any sign of what came before.

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    so if i don’t like MLK monument youll take itdown?

    1. dt60093 says:

      Muhammad was a slave owner. It is about time to stp naming anyone after him.

  3. Shameful. Larry is correct, these are the actions of dictators and totalitarians.

  4. David Huff says:

    Do these people really believe that taking down a statue will accomplish anything? I suppose this will curry favor with a portion of their constituency. Well-done political correctness!

  5. Peter Salt says:

    Damn History — the PC Police must rule

    a very sad day

  6. Ricky Pucheu says:

    The students in your high schools can’t even pass reading or math proficiency test but I see you have your priorities straight. Liberal idiots!

  7. Doug Day says:

    Join the Democrats! Become a bookburner! Fahrenheit 451 forever !! FORWARD!!

  8. Won’t be long before someone will want to blow up Stone Mountain in GA.

    1. Rick Bailey says:

      There already are people who want to destroy Stone Mountain.

  9. Why do Democrats insist on hiding their TREASONOUS history? Launching an illegal, unjustified, Civil War of Aggression?

  10. In reality, they are monuments of people who wanted to continue slavery, people who gave their lives to protect slavery and break from the Union. Imagine you’re a black father, and you’re taking your 7 year old to one of these and asks about it, who it is and why? Imagine your answer: That’s a great general who wanted to keep black folks in slavery. I could never understand myself, why we erected these for the “bad guys” who lost? Regardless that they were fellow American’s. They died for a cause that was wrong.

    1. Mary Gudobba says:

      Obviously you haven’t read any history books. Slavery was not the main reason the south wanted to leave the Union. Slavery was one small part, states rights were the main reason. Slavery would have died off on its own accord, as in the rest of the world at the time. You want to talk slavery, how do black children feel about their African ancestors selling their fellow blacks into slavery?

      1. Mary, obviously YOU have never read anything but REVISIONIST history! Slavery was THE main cause of the Civil War, and the Declarations of Causes of Secession for the various Confederate states all state it as such! Don’t give me that “states rights” BS! It was “states rights” to OWN another human being, and the Confederate states all wanted it to continue in perpetuity.

    2. Pat Rathke says:

      This is ridiculous, you cannot change history to suit political correctness. How many of these people were alive during the civil war? Zero. The people of St. Louis should be more worried about the African American population killing each other off in droves. Women and children shot down on the streets. This is an every day occurrence. And it has nothing to do with that Memorial. Get real people. There are larger fish to fry.

  11. Blackwashing of our history. Confederate dead were American dead. That’s the tragedy of civil wars.

    1. Confederate dead are CONFEDERATE dead! They ceased being “American” when they seceded from the union.

      1. Rick Bailey says:

        It must be tiring to hate dead people so much.

      2. Romans owned slaves. Should we start tearing down Roman monuments and statues as well?

  12. Let us remove all Civil War monuments then, including at Arlington and Gettysburg and everywhere in the north where there are monuments galore to the Northern soldiers! Just pretend it did not happen! Shut down Gettysburg. History is so unimportant to a nation and its culture! Tear down all the plantation houses that remain, too. Oh, any reminder that we have history is so terrible. Shut down all the underground railroad monuments, too. Can we fire these ridiculous, uncouth barbarian politicians? Demonizing the south has got to stop! I can tell you stories about the present-day cold, unfriendly, inhuman Yankees, too. Lets remove Lincoln from the penny and tear down the monument to him
    in Washington, D.C.

  13. I have to wonder: If some fortunate archaeologist discovered the jawbone with which Cain slew Abel, would the statue destroyers and book-burners want to grind it into powder? After all, it is a symbol of mankind’s first murder. Idiots.

  14. Michael Rice says:

    You can try to hide history but you cannot erase history. This is a crime against American history, of epic proportions!

  15. Peter York says:

    the confederates soldiers remain American military heroes. may all tiny brained bigots who don’t understand this crawl back under your rocks.

    1. You misspelled “traitors.”

      1. Perhaps when you get out of high school and watch the left fully implode you’ll know what being a traitor to your country and community really means.

      2. Tim Morgan says:

        BLM are NOT outlaws, don’t flatter them, they are CRIMINALS.

  16. Cam Kirmser says:

    So, the difference between this and the Taliban destroying statues they dislike is what, exactly?

  17. So is the $16.000 going to the parks department? Learn something from this. The war was over taxation not slavery. The North just like today wanted the Souths money. They conquered the South so they could Federally tax them instead of the States controlling there own money.

    1. No dear, YOU need to learn something! The Civil War WAS NOT about taxation! It was about slavery! Try actually READING the Declarations of Causes of Secession of the various Confederate states, and you will see that they all list slavery as the primary cause.

  18. David Marty says:

    How ridiculous….

    St. Louis has again kowtowed to the latest obsession of the Liberal Fascists, Leftist PC police and BLM race hustlers as they do their best to whitewash America’s imperfect yet proud history.

    This will only temporarily mollify the ADD suffering rabble rousers. When does the book burning begin?

  19. Matt Raymond says:

    Being offended has become the national pastime. Sorry Baseball.

  20. David Clark says:

    Perhaps the Arian nationals will start blowing up MLK and others

  21. Maybe time to sue the NAACP because it includes the racist term Colored People and shuts out conservative blacks from membership.

  22. Pei Tsing says:

    BLM Taliban erasing the history.

  23. Dave Preston says:

    I guess it’s 1984. Flush that down the memory hole! Orwell was right about you communists. It’ll be up to us to teach our children the true history. Next, flush ol’ Lyda down the memory hole!

  24. I wouldn’t trade one, starving, barefoot rebel foot soldier for a thousand BLM thugs. The rebels cause was horrible, but they were patriots. The blm are outlaws..

  25. We need to send our liberal justice warriors with their official armbands into every library and book store in the United States and remove all materials that make any reference whatsoever to the Confederacy. As far as the Dukes of Hazard goes, the production studio needs to either photoshop every frame of every episode that contains the car called, “General Lee” to remove the image of the Confederate Flag, or dispose of the series entirely and be forced to make a public apology and surrender all revenues from the series to the Civil War Reparations Fund.

  26. If it is appropriate to remove reminders of our history, then it should be appropriate to remove reminders of left-leaning officials: presidents, governors, mayors, etc. — how about movie and theatre people, authors, TV talking heads? No, that would be just as wrong. Re-writing history is something that was done by communists, NAZIs, corporate-state (Mussolini) fascists. Did I forget to include democrats?

  27. Ah Ain’t Lous. Another town on the boycott list. When are you folks gonna start recognizing fascism when it’s right there under your noses?

  28. dmdeedee says:

    This is the continuing Communist plan for Amerika. The Jewish Mafia Oligarchy running the nation from behind the curtain have a global plan and it has been in its different stages of operation for decades.
    Once the monuments they dislike are gone, history will be rewritten for the future generations to learn lies just as the present generations have learned lies about the causes of the Civil War and WWII. The Communist Manifesto and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are the blueprints for their agenda of world domination. They quite easily grabbed the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan as their own for the global domination push. All integration was implemented for this very cause of one world government of one race of people, all brown, in a nation with no borders except for the ruling headquarters in Jerusalem.
    1984 and Animal Farm come to life as the New World Order.

  29. Instead of scrutinizing and vilifying U.S history, why don’t these activists, like blm
    Review, critique and condemn african history that has subjugated and enslaved their
    own people and the vicious treatment of majestic animals indigenous to the region!

  30. Jimmy VA says:

    Get Prepared, Patriots. This is how Civil Wars are started. One side oppresses the other until they Strike Back, with Fury. Liberals want this war. They will get it, very soon, I predict.

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