ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Adam Wainwright has called his former teammate Chris Carpenter one of the most impactful people in his baseball career. But Wainwright is possibly one of the most influential people in Carpenter’s life outside of baseball, as we learned in a new video.

Sports Spectrum, a sports media magazine and website focused on faith-based stories, spoke to the former St. Louis Cardinals teammates, and former Cards outfielder Matt Holliday about how Carpenter “rededicating his life to Christ.”

Wainwright explains how when he first came to the Cardinals organization, he immediately latched to Carpenter as a mentor. The rookie often invited Carpenter to Sunday mass, but he never accepted for one reason or another.

Carpenter received a bible from Wainwright, and towards the end of Carpenter’s career, was invited to a golf outing by Wainwright. It had religious focus and included a sermon from a pastor who “really drives the Gospel home,” as Wainwright describes. Carpenter says after the outing he went out with some of the other attendees, and ended up lost, more than an hour away from where he was suppose to be. His phone was dead, and he had no clue where he was.

Carpenter says he then asked for help from God. A few minutes later, a taxi cab arrived, and he said he was forever changed.

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