ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – It’s that time of the year again to be aware of the heat.

With temperatures already hitting the 90’s, Dr. Randy Jotte of Barnes-Jewish Hospital has some tips if you are planning on being outside. One recommendation is to do any type of yard work earlier in the day and pre-hydrate.

“When you get outside, you may find that you’re overdoing it,” Dr. Jotte says. “You may feel a little bit light headed. You’re kind of feeling weak. Those are the points where you can catch up and intervene.”

He adds says rather than leaving your child or pet in the car, take them inside or leave them at home. He says there is no air circulation.

“It’s like being inside of an oven,” Dr. Jotte says. “You will regret it deeply and this could be something incredibly tragic, even fatal, to those who are in the car.”

Dr. Jotte says that overheating is already sending people to the emergency room. So far, less than 12 people have been treated.

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