ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A new drug shows promise in treating heart disease in diabetic patients.

Type 2 diabetes drug Invokana significantly reduced the risk of serious heart problems in diabetics with heart disease, according to two new large studies.

“Maybe we’re on the horizon of being able to not just treat blood sugars and help people kind of limp along, but maybe we’re on the horizon of actually really not having diabetes being such a devastating problem,” says SLU Care cardiologist Dr. Michael Lim at SSM Health SLU Hospital.

Invokana reduced the combined risk of heart-related death, nonfatal heart attack and nonfatal stroke by 14 percent in diabetic patients and led to a reduced risk of hospitalization for heart failure and protected against kidney function decline.

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  1. Lura Gaytan says:

    I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and put on Metformin on June 26th, 2016. I started the ADA diet and followed it 100% for a few weeks and could not get my blood sugar to go below 140. Finally i began to panic and called my doctor, he told me to get used to it. He said I would be on metformin my whole life and eventually insulin. At that point i knew something wasn’t right and began to do a lot of research. Then I found Lisa’s diabetes story (google ” HOW EVER I FREED MYSELF FROM THE DIABETES ” ) I read that article from end to end because everything the writer was saying made absolute sense. I started the diet that day and the next morning my blood sugar was down to 100 and now i have a fasting blood sugar between Mid 70’s and the 80’s. My doctor took me off the metformin after just three week of being on this lifestyle change. I have lost over 30 pounds and 6+ inches around my waist in a month. The truth is we can get off the drugs and help myself by trying natural methods

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