St. Clair County Police shared with KMOX News an extensive history of altercations with James T. Hodgkinson, who died after firing an assault rifle at a baseball practice of U.S. congressmen, in Washington, D.C., Wednesday morning.

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Here is a full timeline of the incidents:

February 5, 2005

Hodgkinson called police to report that someone had drove through his lawn. He told police there was no damage to his yard, and did not want more officers on scene because under-age drinkers were on the property behind him.

hodgkinson2 Timeline of Interaction Between St. Clair County Police, James T. Hodgkinson

St. Clair Police

March 31, 2006

Hodgkinson’s neighbor called police to report that Hodgkinson had broken into her home while she was on vacation in Italy. The police report says he was looking for his daughter, who had permission to be in her home.

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April 1, 2006

Police responded to Hodgkinson’s home for a possible domestic battery. According to police, Hodgkinson had punched his girlfriend in the face, hit a man with the butt end of a shotgun, pulled his daughter’s hair to force her out of a room and into vehicle, and choked his daughter. Hodgkinson and his wife, who helped pull the daughter out of her room, were taken to the St. Clair County Sheriff and were held for aggravated discharge of a firearm and domestic battery.

June 15, 2006

Police were called by Hodgkinson’s neighbor, who said Hodgkinson kicked her dog while it was sleeping in roadway.

October 13, 2006

Hodgkinson called police to report that unknown persons had drove through his yard, leaving tire tracks.

Scroll through this gallery to see the police reports of his incidents with police:

January 1, 2007

Hodgkinson called police to report that he wanted the trash company to stop using his driveway to turn around. He told police that he called the company and spoke to a woman who said she would tell the drivers.

February 19, 2007

Hodgkinson called police to report that a white male driving a red Chevy Blazer who damaged Hodgkinson’s yard, a light and his deck. Police met with the driver who agreed to pay the damages.

hodgkinson Timeline of Interaction Between St. Clair County Police, James T. Hodgkinson

St. Clair Police

March 6, 2013

Police were called to the home of James T. Hodgkinson (5914 Rolling Hills Rd., Belleville, Ill., 62223) for a “well being check.” A relative of Hodgkinson, Kathy Rainbolt called police at 8:19 a.m., to check on Tosha Hodgkinson. James Hodgkinson informed police that Tosha does not live there, and said Rainbolt has a mental illness.

March 24, 2017

Police were called to 4561 Frank Scott Pkwy West, in Belleville (a residence which backs up against Hodgskinson’s residence) for a report of gunfire. Hodgkinson’s neighbor says he was shooting into the pine trees that separates their properties. KMOX’s Kevin Killeen ask that neighbor about the incident.

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