BELLEVILLE, Ill. (KMOX) – Steve Scalise, a top House Republican, and 4 others were wounded, one of them fatally, in a Wednesday morning shooting by a rifle-wielding gunman. The shooting happened during a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, near Washington, D.C.

President Donald Trump stated during his emergency press conference that the shooter, James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill., has died. Law enforcement officials have identified him as the shooter in this incident.

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Scroll through this gallery to see the police reports of his incidents with police:

KMOX News has learned that Hodgkinson has been involved in several incidents with the authorities in St. Clair County Illinois, on specific incident from April 2006 involved a domestic dispute and the aggravated discharge of a firearm. The domestic abuse charges detailed below were eventually dropped.

In April 2006, St. Clair County Sheriff’s deputy Matthew Dobler was called to Hodgkinson’s neighborhood in the 5900 block of Rolling Hills Lane in Belleville, for a report of domestic battery and shots fired.

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According to the police report, Joel Fernandez told the deputy that Hodgkinson punched his girlfriend in the face. When Fernandez confronted Hodgkinson, Hodgkinson reportedly walked outside with a shotgun aimed at Fernandez’s face. Fernandez says he tried to get away from the gun and Hodgkinson hit him in the head with a wooden stick. Fernandez says he started running and that’s when Hodgkinson fired a round from his shotgun. It was unclear whether whether he was firing at Fernandez or in the air.

Fernandez’s girlfriend, Aimee Moreland, told police that she was in a home in the neighborhood with a friend at the time the incident began. Moreland’s friend was Hodgkinson’s daughter – her name has been redacted from the police report. Moreland told police Hodgkinson forced open the front door of the home and came inside, screaming for his daughter.

His daughter was in an upstairs bedroom and came downstairs to see what her father wanted. Hodgkinson reportedly told his daughter, “get your stuff it’s time to come home.” She told her father she wanted to stay at the home until her friend came home and then went into an upstairs bedroom and locked the door.

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Hodgkin son allegedly followed his daughter upstairs, cursing at her and asking where she was. Moreland told police Hodgkinson then forced open the bedroom door – his daughter was hiding next to a bed on the floor.

His daughter refused again to leave and that’s when Moreland says he became violent. According to the police report, Moreland said Hodgkinson grabbed his daughter by her hair and pulled her off the floor. She attempted to run away, but Hodgkinson wouldn’t release his grip and then reportedly threw her to the floor. Hodgkinson’s alleged altercation continued with him chasing her into an adjacent bedroom and hitting her, pulling her hair and grabbing her off the bed. Moreland and her friend then ran from the house.

The police report says that Moreland and Hodgkinson then tried to drive away in Moreland’s vehicle. Hodgkinson allegedly opened the passenger door of Moreland’s car, reached inside and turned off the ignition, then took out a knife and cut the seatbelt off his daughter.

That’s when Suzanne Hodgkinson, who as of 2017 is listed with James Hodgkinson as the property owner at the home on Rolling Hills Lane, came out to the car and allegedly began physically fighting with the daughter. Suzanne tried dragging the daughter from the car while Moreland held her arms, trying to keep her in.

Moreland told police Suzanne gave up and said, “I’ll just call the police and put you back into foster care.” James Hodgkinson reportedly then began choking his daughter. During the struggle, the daughter’s Belleville West sweatshirt was ripped. The deputy says he saw the ripped shirt and marks on the daughter’s arms and neck.

When Moreland said she was going to call the police, that’s when she says Hodgkinson punched her in the face with a closed fist.

James and Suzanne were handcuffed and taken from the scene. James was placed on a hold for aggravated discharge of a firearm and domestic battery. Suzanne was also placed on a hold for domestic battery.

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Comments (4)
  1. Ricky Pucheu says:

    There’s something fishy about all this. Most states press their own charges in domestic violence cases. The victim has no say in it. If Illinois doesn’t, then the state is somewhat complicit in the high murder rate in Chicago as well as the gun crime.

  2. Ricky Pucheu says:

    “Illinois Domestic Violence Laws. When a violent act or physical harm occurs within a family or in a dating relationship, the state may prosecute the person who committed the act on a criminal charge of domestic violence.”

    So why wasn’t this guy charged and convicted?

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