ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – James T. Hodgkinson, a Belleville, Illinois resident and Belleville West High School graduate has been confirmed as the shooter of a baseball practice, for GOP U.S. Congressmen.

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Here is what we know about him:

He has an extensive history with police:

Records from the St. Clair County Sheriff’s office show a spate of activity dating back to 2005. Several times Hodgkinson called police to complain about people driving through his yard. There was a report about a fight with a neighbor after Hodgkinson allegedly hit the neighbor’s dog, domestic violence for punching a friend of his daughter’s in the face during a physical altercation with his daughter and criminal damage to property.

The most recent police incident was when Bill Schaumleffel called police because Hodgkinson fired off about 50 shots into some pine trees that separated their homes. Hodgkinson had a valid Firearm Owner ID (FOID card) and was shooting in an unincorporated area, so he was breaking no laws.

“He must have fired 15 rounds that day, at least that,” Schaumleffel tells KMOX’s Kevin Killeen. “I just said, ‘Hey…quit shooting that rifle. There’s subdivisions over here.”

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Scroll through this gallery to see the police reports of his incidents with police:

How other’s viewed him:

KMOX’S Kevin Killeen went to Hodgkinson’s Belleville home, as listed on police reports, and spoke with neighbors and people who knew him.

A real estate agent who once hired Hodgkinson to perform a home inspection says he was short-tempered and yelled at her on the phone:

A neighbor says he heard high-powered rifle fire coming from Hodgkinson’s home:

A man who identified himself as a childhood friend of Hodgkinson says he was the type of guy who would not back down in a bar fight:

He was a Bernie Sanders supporter:

Bernie Sanders says Hodgkinson volunteered to help Sanders while on his 2016 Presidential campaign. Robert Becker, the former head of Sanders’ Iowa campaign, says Hodgkinson was not one of the 100 paid staffers on the ground.

Sanders’ deputy press secretary, Josh Miller-Lewis, says campaign records show Hodgkinson volunteered “just a few times.”

On two Facebook accounts, named James Hodgkinson and James T. Hodgkinson, there are photos with Bernie Sanders’ face on his profile picture and cover photo.

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He also sent the following tweet to Sanders April of 2014:

img 3470 What We Know So Far About James Hodgkinson

He was the owner of a home inspection company:

Sources tell KMOX, Hodgkinson was a member of the Realtor Association of Southwest Illinois, however the association has not confirmed that statement and have made no statements on Hodgkinson. CBS News reports that his home inspection license for JTH Inspections expired in November 2016 and was not renewed.

He liked multiple anti-Republican pages on Facebook:

His likes on his Facebook page include: “The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans,” “Republican Party Makes Me Sick,” “Donald Trump is not my President,” “Boycott the Republican Party,” “Republicans suck” and “Terminate the Republican Party.”

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