Host Curt Copeland opens the night feeding you information on the newly re-opened Bevo Mills, which now goes by the name of Das Bevo. Here to help are Das Bevo’s Operations Manager Erinn Stevens, Events Coordinator Mo Schaetzel and Music Director John Parker. The group walks us through the story of first gaining the rights to the building, renovating and what to look forward to in the updated space. They also recommend joining them for their July 1st festival featuring live music and more. Check out for more information. In the second half of the hour, Copeland takes us to the Missouri Botanical Gardens which features “Gardens of Glass: The Art of Craig Mitchell Smith” until August 13th. Smith himself joins us on the phone from Michigan to talk to us about his phenomenal work and the process that it takes. We are also joined in studio by Markeya Thomas, Public Information Officer of the Botanical Gardens, who takes us even deeper into the beauty of the garden and lends her insight as to the best parts of the facility.


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