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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – In a town regarded for high fashion, the Los Angeles Rams’ new wardrobe is gaining harsh reviews by it’s West Coast fan base.

On Flag Day last Wednesday, the Rams posted on its Facebook page the new jersey combination, worn by quarterback Jared Goff, cornerback Trumaine Johnson and linebacker Connor Barwin.

The helmets will return to the blue and white horns of the old LA Rams, and the pants will be white, with a thick, light-blue strip down each side. But the jersey will still be mostly white, with dark blue and gold highlights; a look that St. Louis first saw the early 2000s.

Los Angeles Rams on Facebook

Los Angeles Rams on Facebook

Los Angeles Rams on Facebook

And the comments weren’t good.

Kyle is right, they probably should have just waited. The NFL has rules to keep teams from changing its jerseys every season, although the league loves its Color Rush games, they apparently want some kind of consistency. So teams aren’t allowed to change jersey until they’ve played at least five season in the current uniforms, and teams must apply to wear new jerseys at least two years before making an official change.

Helmets and pants can be changed more often, but the league also hates helmet changes because some people believe helmet changes will lead to more concussions.

So when LA plays in its new stadium set to open in 2020, (after the construction was delayed a year) maybe we’ll see team in clothes that actually match.

But fans can’t be too upset, because they helped picked the new look in an online survey.

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