TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO. (KMOX) -It’s deer (debate) season again in Town and Country.

Eight years after hiring a sharp-shooting company called White Buffalo to cull the deer population down to a safer level, the city still has a whole lot of deer, after hundreds of thousands of dollars spent. The goal is to be under 30 deer per square foot. In 2009, the number was 65. This year, it’s still up there at 61. City administrator Gary Hoelzer says there’s still work to be done.

“The numbers this far, in the first five months, are not encouraging,” he says. “They’re on the way up again.”

Meanwhile up the road, Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul has an innovative strategy.

“What we did here in the city of Ellisville, we were the first one to do it, is allow our officers, who are all sniper trained, to cull the herd and to thin the herd,” he says.

He says it’s been effective for them, but Town and County hasn’t jumped on the technique.

“You really have to work to get your numbers up to what a White Buffalo can do in a relatively short period of time, and keep in mind that very few police departments have the staffing that they can redeploy officers to do that, so you’re dealing with overtime issues,” Hoelzer says.

Town and Country’s deer task force meets tonight at 7. They plan to question that sharp-shooting company and want to learn more about sterilization.

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