HAZELWOOD, MO. (KMOX) – Hazelwood city officials remain confident that it will be home to a factory that builds electric vans – someday.

City manager Matthew Zimmerman acknowledges it’s been five years since the city agreed to lend Emerald Automotive $3 million to manufacture its “T-zero-zero-one” electric hybrid, but so far nothing’s been built.

“We met with them in February, everything is still moving ahead, they are still focused on their efforts over in England where they’re working with London Taxi. They are also one the five finalists consideration for the new postal delivery van, which is a $6 billion contract,” he says.

He adds the city has a contractual promise to get its $3 million back should the whole thing go belly-up.

After several missed deadlines over the years, there’s now talk of work on the Emerald Automotive plant getting underway in 2018.

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