Alex Degman | @alexdegmanKMOXBy Alex Degman

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (KMOX) — It could be lights out for Powerball in Illinois after tonight’s drawing.

“The players of these games react by not playing the lottery. Last week alone, our sales for the Powerball game dropped over 10 percent,” says acting Illinois Lottery Director Greg Smith.

Illinois could be kicked out of multi-state games because of the nearly three-year budget impasse.

State Rep. David Harris (R-Arlington Heights) says the situation is ridiculous.

“This just drives me nuts; it’s the height of political stupidity,” Harris says. “The lottery is a goose that lays golden eggs to the tune of about $680 to $700 million a year to our revenue, and we’re screwing around with it.”

The lottery this week said payment of prizes exceeding $25,000 will be delayed if no budget is approved — which is also what happened in 2015.

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