ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-For one actor, a not-so-funny thing has happened on the way to the Muny. Peter Scolari, who was rehearsing to play Pseudolus in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” has had to drop out, because of allergies.

Muny Artistic Director Mike Isaacson tells KMOX Scolari arrived with a sinus infection, but five days into rehearsal it got worse. “He saw a doctor and we thought we were going to be okay and then he woke up literally, and had no voice. And, by no voice, I mean no voice.”

Isaacson says the trees and cottonwood got the best of him. “He’s just very, very sensitive to it and things got very clogged and it just tore at his vocal cords.”

In a statement from the Muny, Scolari said, “If I could go on with my performance I would, but it’s just not physically possible.
Scolari will be replaced by Jeffrey Schecter, who played Scuttle the seagull in last week’s production of “A Little Mermaid”.

Isaacson says he called Schecter back on Sunday, and he’ll be ready for Wednesday’s opening night. “He will have a script in his hand for parts of the show, no doubt about it, and I’ll talk to the audience about it. The great thing about the Muny audience is they’re just amazing and we’re just going to make it a part of the show.

“A great thing about “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum”, Isaacson says, “is it’s a comedy. It’s a farce. It’s meant to be loose. It’s meant to be free. So, that vibe just fits right into it. We’re just going to have fun with it.”

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