ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The armory and the foundry. Two landmark St. Louis buildings, both padlocked for years, both in midtown, on either side of 64/40’s elevated highway lanes.

The foundry is an old factory that made electric motors in the 1920s. Now, Steve Smith of the Lawrence group tells us it’ll be a food hall bringing innovation to the masses

“Right now there is so much innovation, there’s a tremendous start-up community that’s happening in St. Louis, that’s happening in downtown and midtown yet it isn’t really something that the public would need to go to. These are primarily businesses and things like that, so what our thought with City Foundry is, let’s do stuff where innovation is for the public,” he says.

Across the interstate, Philip Hulse of Green Street St. Louis, which is redeveloping the armory into innovative office space, shows off the old National Guard armory.

“It as built in 1938 for the 138th infantry division that is now based in Jeff City, but in that same time frame from the late 40’s, even when it was operated as an armory, it was also the largest indoor tennis facility in the Midwest, and it was home to great names like Arthur Ashe,” he says.

People might remember the many concerts at the armory in the 60’s. Both Smith and Hulse plan a synergy between their projects, even an ‘innovation bridge’ over the highway, to make midtown more of a neighborhood.

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