WARD, Colo. (KMOX) – A 19-year-old staffer at a camp in Colorado woke up to something that you may not believe.

Dylan woke up at 4 a.m. to a “crunching” sound, as his head inside of a bear that was trying to drag him away. He was sleeping outside at Glacier View Ranch, almost 50 miles from Denver, says Colorado Parks Wildlife Spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill.

CBS reports the teen punched and hit the bear to fight him off. Dylan says he hit the bear as hard as he could and once he found its eye, he began poking at it until he was released. The bear had dragged him about 10 feet.

Once other staffers nearby were aware of what was happening, they began to yell and swat the bear away.

“I woke up to a crunching sound and a lot of pain … The bear had a hold of my head and was dragging me across the ground,” Dylan told CBS Denver.

Black bears are known to paw and bite tents with food and defend their young. They are not known to be aggressive but have attacked several people in the West recently.

Wildlife officers did not find any food that would have attracted the bear. Traps have been set and they plan to search the area for the bear with dogs Monday.

Since the behavior was atypical, any bears found in the traps with be euthanized and tested to determine if it’s the same bear involved in the attack.

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