If you were hiding under a rock last night you may have missed the Season 7 premiere of HBO’s hit show “Game of Thrones.”

Even if you’re not a fan of the show, the excitement was all over social media Sunday night.

We don’t want to spoil anything, in case you haven’t watched the current episode, but we do want to share one highlight.

Superstar musician Ed Sheeran made a cameo in the premiere as a soldier singing by a fire. Arya, played by Maisie Williams, listened to Ed’s character sing while riding horseback through a forest.

“It’s a pretty song, I’ve never heard it before?” Arya said. Sheeran’s character identified it as “a new one.”

True fans of “Game of Thrones” fans may have noticed this song was not actually new.

According to George R. R. Martin’s book series, the lyrics of “A Song of Ice and Fire” – which is what the drama series is based on – are noted in the book by another character.

The lyrics included, “For hands of gold are always cold, but a woman’s hands are warm.”

Will we see more from Ed Sheeran in the upcoming episodes? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The show airs Sunday nights on HBO. Click here for a full recap.


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