ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Last month dozens of flights were cancelled in Phoenix Arizona, where temperatures topped 118 degrees. It’s not quite that hot here, but has there been any impact of our heat wave on Lambert St. Louis International Airport?

And the answer is no, none so far. Planes are still coming and going from St. Louis as usual. Lambert spokesman Jeff Lea says while it can be just over a hundred degrees in most places where people are, on the airfield it can be as much as 20 degrees hotter.

“We have 100, 101 on the regular temperature, and that heat impact on the pavement is going to get in the 100-teens, 120’s, Arizona maybe even more than that, but even at those temperatures, we’re not seeing any impact on our airfield which is good news,” he says.

Part of the reason for that might be that most of Lambert’s runways and taxiways are made of concrete, which stays cooler than asphalt.

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