ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – In a Facebook video that has been shared more than 322,000 times, St. Louis resident Will Brown and others rescued an owl trapped in a fence.

Brown, whose Facebook account says he lives in Creve Coeur and is a graduate of Ritenor High School, posted video of the caring rescue last week.

He tells KMOX that he was installing a water main line at the soccer fields near Meramec Bottom Road and Highway 55, when the owner of the fields came over and asked Brown if he had a knife — the man had found an owl trapped in a rope fence.

*Warning, the videos contain some graphic language*

After cutting the bird free from the orange rope fence, its left wing was still tightly wrapped in rope. Brown held the owl and put a safety vest over its head (experts say most birds will be calmer when they can’t see you), while his partners used box cutters to free it from the last bit of rope.

Brown then set the owl down on its feet, stepped back, and watched it fly away.

The incredible part was how calm the bird stayed the entire time, never making a peep while its rescuers worked to free it.

Brown says the entire rescue took about 15 minutes.

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