ELLISVILLE, MO. (KMOX) – One west county community is so concerned about the city county merger, they’ve hired a lobbyist to fight against such a plan.

Ellisville, where council members also decided to ask voters what they think, but that election isn’t until next April. In the meantime, Ellisville’s hired a lobbyist to work the halls of the state capitol.

“If we sit on our hands, we die on our hands and that’s exactly why we need boots on the ground” says Mayor Adam Paul.

But if they’re paying for an election to poll the public, then why not wait until after that to hire the lobbyist? Paul says it’s about protecting St. Louis Countians’ right to choose.

“We don’t want people from Joplin or Kansas City voting on the future of the St. Louis region,” he says.

Some in Jefferson City have talked about by-passing city/county voters and getting statewide voters to enact a reunion.


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