ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – You might be staying cool in this heat wave but your grass and your plants have no choice but to bake in the sun. So what to do?

KMOX Garden Hotline host Mike Miller says your lawn and your plants need a good soaking of water from half an hour to an hour twice a week. He says increased watering of your containers means more fertilizer as well.

“The plants in the ground, as long as they’re healthy, they could probably go througha dormant perios, but if they were alittle bit unhealthy as a result of who know what diseases, insects, bacteria or anythig along that line, they may not recover form this,” he says.

Your cool season grass like blue grass may suffer as well if you decide to let it die. Doing so will allow what he calls a ‘weed invasion’. Warm season grass like zoysia can go dormant in the hot temperatures and survive just fine.

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