ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A top St. Louis Police Officers Association official says as it stands now, the union will oppose the sales tax increase on the November ballot aimed at giving its members raises.

Business Manager Jeff Roorda says they can’t support the measure until Mayor Lyda Krewson guarantees officers will get what they’re being promised.

“She put $6,000 across the board on the table. Frankly … that’s not nearly enough – you’re still going to lose a lot of police officers – but at least the conversation starts, and it becomes a more difficult process for us.”

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Roorda also tells KMOX’s Hancock and Kelley the mayor’s office is overestimating the required pension contribution, calling it a “pretend number.”

“I thought there’d be some guys who would be a little weak-kneed about this, but universally, from everyone we’re hearing from, it’s like, we’re not doing a handshake deal, we’re not going to take a ‘maybe.'”

The nearly $20 million that would be raised by the tax is slated to be split between police and fire department raises, pension contributions and the circuit attorney’s office.

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