ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Homeowners in North St. Louis are looking around their yards to see if they need an asbestos cleanup after the recent fire that gutted the historic Clemens mansion.

Developer Paul McKee, who owns the building that burned at 1849 Cass Ave., says the asbestos was in the roofing tiles and it’s easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for.

“It’ll look like black, burned up tar paper,” McKee told KMOX. “Very difficult to pick up, you can imagine paper once it’s burned almost disintegrates in your hand. If they find it, they vacuum it.”

McKee says the work should be complete sometime next week, but homeowners must sign a consent form to have their properties cleaned up. McKee says he’s paying $400,000 for the cleanup.

“Every old building in the city, and I bet your house if you live in a house over 25 years old, has tar paper on the roof — and it had asbestos in it.”


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