ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Kids don’t all learn the same way and high school can be very hard on kids with learning differences.

Miriam Academy is the first school in the St. Louis area specifically for high school students with learning differences. They started with just 9th grade last year, adding 10th grade this year, and expanding their facilities inside Parkway United Church of Christ. Melissa Lewis says her son, Nick, was miserable at his high school with thousands of kids.

“They actually are excited to go to school and don’t have that fear of ‘what is going to happen today,’ and when you have a child that has anxiety or has fears, it starts when they wake up ion the morning,” she says.

Nick is thriving now at Miriam, both grade-wise and socially.

“It’s a lot better, the class sizes are smaller. There’s more room to grow here,” Nick says.

In fact, he was class president. Miriam Academy is currently enrolling for 9th and 10th grade. They’ll add 11th grade next year.

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