ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Former Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson is asking people to give the unrest in his city three years ago a second-thought.

Jackson’s new book, “Policing Ferguson, Policing America,” is on sale now. In it, he argues, “the good guys became the bad guys through media and political distorition.”

He addressed that point on KMOX’s Charlie Brennan Show.

“The outside media just had a story to run, and it actually made their jobs easier,” Jackson says. “All they had to do was come in, show up with the cameras, a riot would start, and then they would just interview people.”

Jackson writes that the national media sought to maintain a level of “explosive drama” to keep people’s attention.

Was Ferguson’s former police chief pressured by the feds to let his police station fall to protesters?

Jackson tells Brennan that in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in August 2014, he got a call from the head of the COPS program in the Department of Justice — a man named Rod Davis from Palo Alto, California, urging him to throw the protesters a bone, and let them march into the Ferguson Police Headquarters and take it over.

“They thought if they could claim that victory, then maybe that would satisfy them, as opposed to put even more gas on the fire,” Jackson says.

He says that the DOJ thought it would ease the violence and protests, over arresting people.

“It was a surreal world at the time; it was insane.”

Jackson says he hopes people read his book with an open mind.

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