ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Grab your photo I.D. if you want to vote in Missouri. If you’re still unclear about these new rules, the secretary of state will answer your questions later today.

It’s part of a tour that Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft will make across eastern Missouri today. He’ll start in Hannibal this morning and by 3:45 this afternoon he’ll be in St. Charles at the Linneman Library branch on Elm and at 5:30 he’ll be in St. Louis at the Barr Library branch on Jefferson.

One group that isn’t a fan of these photo ID requirements is the ACLU. Missouri policy director Sara Baker says Republicans aren’t fully funding the education of voters. Originally $11 million was budgeted for that, but now only $1.5 million is being spent.

“I think it’s a legitimate question to ask, is this being funded sufficiently and how are folks being trained to actually implement the law, because we have significant concerns when it comes to that,” she says.

For instance, she said that originally there were supposed to be direct mailings to every voter with information on the new photo ID requirement, but Baker says those mailings never went out.

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