ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The death of Michael Brown Junior in Ferguson three years ago tomorrow continues to serve as a motivator for activists around the world. It also reveals existing divides here in St. Louis. Carol Daniel talked to the award winning filmmaker behind “Ferguson 365”.

Christopher Phillips’ film has been shown at 12 festivals worldwide and won five awards including Best in Show. He still lives on Canfield, the complex a few hundred feet from where Brown died. We asked him, given the divide if he thinks it’s important to keep focus on Ferguson.

“Absolutely. The things is because the problem isn’t over, it’s continuing to happen as we see with what happened with Philando Castille,” he says.

He says the issues of police brutality and social justice are still relevant.

“What we also see is that we’ve got a new government regime that is in place that is really trying to undo a lot of the justice that the Obama administration through Eric Holder, through Loretta Lynch, that they were trying to restore that faith in,” he says.

Tomorrow morning, Phillips will describe why he began filming almost right away and how he knew what was unfolding in his neighborhood would become a documentary.

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