ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) – The Loop Trolley’s request for another half million dollars from the St. Louis County Council leaves at least one councilman with a sour taste in his mouth.

Backers said last week the extra cash is needed as a cushion for operating costs once the trolley comes online.

District 7’s Mark Harder says the council already gave $3 million in public assistance to the project — and the feds have offered millions more, despite more immediate local needs.

“To spend, roughly, about $20 million a mile on this project is just … mind-boggling, when you look at it from that standpoint of what that money could have been used for locally,” Harder says.

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The earliest the council could consider the $500,000 request would be next week.

Harder says the vote was close to give $3 million last time; he doesn’t think the latest request will have the support.

The trolley won’t sit there unused because, the councilman says, the district will come up with the money somehow — he says it just won’t be from St. Louis County taxpayers.

“I think the taxpayers of St. Louis County are done with this project and done giving money to something that doesn’t seem to have the accountability proportionate to the amount of money that they’re spending,” the Harder says.

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