St. Louis, Mo. (KMOX) – Last week, KMOX introduced you to the Farm to Table concept, where restaurants source straight from the field.

Reporter Megan Lynch contacted one local health department to find out what rules chefs have to follow when they order from a local farmer.
Beyond regulations for handling, cleaning and storing ingredients, restaurants are responsible for making sure they buy from producers that comply with state and federal laws.
“The code is very specific is that one of the big things you have to be very careful about is that you have an approved source for the food,” explains Ryan Tilley, Director for St. Charles County’s Division of Environmental Health and Protection.
Tilley says restaurants need to make sure what they bring in the kitchen is coming from a source that safeguards against contamination.   “You hear a lot on the news about recalls of this product or that product or sprouts or tomatoes, lettuce whatever it might be.   So you have to be careful of where a food comes from and verify it’s coming from an approved source.”
If you’re concerned about ingredients., you may also want to know whether a restaurant’s kitchen is clean.   More on that Tuesday.
If you missed any part of our series “Farm to Table: Good or Gimmick?” click on the links below:

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